Project Portfolio

Two 170 Ton Hot Metal Trolleys

Project Description:
As part of our customer’s overall strategy to boost steel production, Globex Corporation and Globex Group was involved in a project to increase the capacity of 2 existing 125-ton hot metal cranes to a new 170-ton capacity. This project involved reinforcing the main bridge girder and furnishing 2 new 170-ton hot metal trolleys for the existing cranes. In cooperation with Siemens a new control system with frequency inverter was installed. The old and new control systems were integrated in a new control pulpit.

Project Phases:
  • Detailed mechanical design for crane reconstruction
  • Detailed electrical design for crane reconstruction
  • Specification of equipment
  • Manufacturing and delivery of Trolleys
  • QA during manufacturing
  • Start-Up
  • Testing
  • Operating & Maintenance Manuals
  • Training
  • Training of Operating Personnel