Project Portfolio

Feasiblity Study for Increased Capacity of a BOF Vessel

Project Description:
Globex and Globex Corporation performed a feasibility study to determine whether the capacity of an existing BOF vessel could be increased to make larger heats and increase production capacity for a metals industry client. Globex used laser measurements to determine the thickness of the vessel as well as build-up of skull material.

As part of this study Globex presented the client with a solution to increase capacity to the desired amount. A 3D solid model was used to predict and calculate stresses, motor's torques, bearing loads, and moments of inertia for different loading conditions (for different heat sizes). This model was used to determine which part of the system should be improved due to increased capacity.

Project Phases:
  • Calculation and analysis of bearing loads with increased load
  • Calculation and analysis of stresses in the trunnion ring
  • Calculation and analysis of motors and gears torques
  • Analysis of relevant technological parameters of BOF (Specific volume, H/D ratio)
  • Solution proposition with directions for modification
  • Cost estimation