Project Portfolio

Tundish Dump Station

Project Description:
The Tundish Tilting station (50 T Capacity) was designed to empty tundishes of the cooling metal, slag, and deposits that remain after the continuous casting process. In order for tundishes to be re-lined and cycled back into production it is critical that all these remaining materials be removed. The process of dumping, shaking, or punching tundishes to rid them of “skull” material build-up occurs at the tundish tilting station.

Project Phases:
  • Detailed Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Design
  • Assembly and Construction
  • Equipment specification and procurement
  • Ordering of controls and control Pulpit
  • Programming PLC / Control logic
  • QA during manufacturing
  • Start-up during Commissioning
  • Shop Testing
  • Training of Production and Maintenance Personnel

  • Max. load of the tundish including remaining metal allowable for tilting is 50 T
  • Installed Current/Power: 30kw regulating frequency
  • Working Hydraulic Pressure: 160 bar
  • Hydraulic Motor Power: 7.5 kw
  • Maximum # of Rotations: 1.5o/min
  • Degree of Platform Rotation: 180°
  • Degree of Platform Sway: +- 10°