Project Portfolio

Retractable Runway Stop

Project Description:
The client requested a concept design for final design approval regarding a retractable stop mechanism on their runway located in the Continuous Anneal Line. Globex personnel retrieved necessary data from field visits, developed concept design and then submitted a final design for the subject services for client approval. The concept to be implemented included provisions to physically restrain the bridge movement of the cranes on the runway so that neither of the two cranes that operate on the runway can travel into the runway region designated for the other crane. The design is to ensure that such restraint can be temporarily circumvented under specific circumstances.

The concept as presented to the client involved the use of a retractable wheel stop to be placed on each of the runway rails as well as utilizing an approx. 25-ft length of runway conductors, segregated from the remainder of such conductors along the runway, which would be deenergized during normal operation with the capability of being energized when crane travel is to be permitted.

Project Phases:
  • Retrieve appropriate data for design
  • Perform preliminary design and submit for concept approval
  • Review client’s comments from concept design and submittal
  • Implement the comments
  • Develop final design via detail design and drawings for installation
  • On-site project management and support