Project Portfolio

Controls for Copper Tube Annealing Furnace

Project Description:
At a copper tube factory an electrical furnace is used during the annealing process. The copper pipes are rolled in a coil shape and placed in a carriage which is placed on a roll conveyor that passes through the furnace. During this process, a gas, N2H2 (98% N2 and 2% H2), is introduced to eliminate oxidation, (this prevents the tube’s surface from oxidizing in the atmosphere and losing its brightness). Globex’s scope of work was to deliver a control panel and pulpit designed to regulate all process parameters for a copper tube annealing furnace, which included but was not limited to control regulated Temperature, Pressure, 02 content, N2H2 content, dewpoint etc.

The control also regulated all mechanical functions including opening / closing of doors and speed control. Globex modernized and replaced measuring and regulating devices used on the furnace equipment. Tube annealing control is performed via SCADA application and operating panels on charging and discharging pulpits.

Scope of Work:
  • Detailed mechanical design for modernization of copper tubes annealing furnace
  • Detailed electrical design for modernization of copper tubes annealing furnace
  • Making and Delivery of SCADA Application
  • Making and Delivery of Control Pulpits
  • QA during manufacturing
  • Start-Up
  • Testing
  • Operating & Maintenance Manuals
  • Training of Production and Maintenance Personnel