Project Portfolio

Slag Granulation Plant

Project Description:
The subject of this project is construction of plant for blast furnace slag granulation. The envisaged annual capacity of the plant is granulation of 530,000 tons of liquid slag. The plant for granulation of blast furnace slag is an addition made within the scope of the modernization project for the existing Blast Furnace, and is also part of the technological entity for production of crude iron.

The technology of slag processing through granulation starts by effusion of slag from the Blast Furnace. The melted (liquid) slag at the temperature of 1300°C – 1550°C is led into the granulation chamber through a channel system (with an internal refractory lining).

Direct contact between pressurized water stream and melted liquid slag takes place in the granulation chamber. Due to rapid cooling and the impact of water pressure, the melted slag is granulated into 12 mm particles which form a hydro mixture with water, and then are transported to the granulated slag basin through the channel. In the granulated slag basin the granulated slag cools down, and the slag is taken out of the basin with a crane equipped with a grab bucket and transferred to draining bins where the slag is relieved of the water surplus through draining. The drained slag is extracted from draining bins onto the conveyors system to the loading bin via brimming hopper. From the loading bin the slag is gravitationally extracted and batched into the mobile bin scale where it is weighed and then gravitationally loaded into railway wagons or trucks which ends the process of producing granulated slag.

Scope of Work:
  • Basic and detail design of Direct Slag Granulation System
  • Manufacturing of equipment
  • QA During Manufacturing
  • Erection and commissioning
  • Start-Up
  • Testing
  • Training of Production and Maintenance personnel

  Direct Slag Granulation System is consist of following parts:

    Granulation chamber
  • Granulation chamber is built as a steel metal form where the melted liquid slag is treated by water jets. The vapor that is developed during the contact of melted slag and water in the granulation chamber is drained by steam pipeline inside of which the granulation chamber is situated.
    Steam pipeline
  • The steam pipeline was built as a cylindrical steel metal structure through which the vapor developed in the granulation chamber and is brought outside of the plant. The top of the steam pipeline is located above the roof of the hall.

  • Steam pipeline diameter in the beginning D= 4,5 m
  • Steam pipeline diameter in the end D= 3,5 m
  • Steam pipeline height L= 46 m
    Granulation basin
  • Basin length L= 30 m
  • Basin width B= 14 m
  • Basin depth H= 4 m
    Two Bridge cranes with grab buckets
  • Lifting capacity Q= 10 t
    Draining bins
  • Volume of one segment V= 100 m3
    Belt conveyor T1
  • L= 29.4 m
  • Conveyor capacity Q= 150 t/h
    Belt conveyor T2
  • L= 95.5 m
  • Lifting height H= 23,6 m
  • Conveyor capacity Q= 150 t/h
    Loading bin
  • Total volume of loading bins V= 300 m3
  • Height of loading bin structure H= 24 m
    Automotive bin scale
  • Volume of scale bin V= 19 m3
  • Carrying capacity of the balance cart N= 300 kN
    Wagon positioner
  • Tensile force of the cart V= 8000 kg
  • Maximum stroke of the cart L= 24 m
    Water Distribution System
  • The direct slag granulation system also includes the
  • distribution of all waters used in slag granulation process.