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Scrap Copper Feeder

Project Description:
The copper feeder machine is used for feeding a furnace at a Copper tube factory. Using an apron style conveyor mounted on a car the feeder delivers scrap copper and bales into a furnace where they can be melted down. The feeder delivers the scrap material in set intervals during the charging process.

Scope of Work:
  • Detailed Design for Copper Scrap Feeder
  • Specification of Equipment
  • Controls and Control Pulpit design
  • Programming of Controls
  • Manufacturing
  • Start-Up
  • Testing
  • Training of Production and Maintenance personnel

  • Machine Type: Track Conveyor mounted on Transfer Car
  • Capacity of Conveyor: 30m3/h
  • Conveyor Speed: vt=0,06 m/s ÷ 0,2m/s
  • Transporter Working Width: 1200mm
  • Length of Transporter: 5500mm
  • Travel of Car: vk=15m/min
  • Height of Car: 2100mm
  • Electrical Power: 6kw
  • HPU Power: 5.5kw
  • Working Pressure: 150 bar