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Plantwide Structural Inspection Program

Globex Corporation partners with clients in a number of industries to provide asset management solutions.

One way we achieve this is by helping our clients develop comprehensive Structural Inspection programs to assess the current state of buildings, cranes and runways, walkways and platforms, conveyors, tanks, bridges, and other infrastructure at their facilities. Using a proprietary system of risk modeling our engineers are able to score structures based on several key factors with regard to safety, environment, and operations.

Based on these scores, frequencies of inspection are assigned. Our Engineers and Field Inspectors provide assessments on structures and issue their findings in accordance to the frequency interval.

Inspectors visually inspect known problem areas like connection plates on steel structures to insure that corrosion is not excessive and that there are no loose or missing fasteners. Support beams and columns are analyzed for cracks, damage, or warping. Walkways and footwalks are inspected for items such as cracked welds, section loss, or fall hazards.

After findings have been studied and prioritized repair procedures are issued with our final report. These reports become the basis for repair work Globex quality assurance engineers follow up on in the field. Their primary purpose is to insure that repairs are done timely and in accordance to ANSI standards and best practices.

Based on our clients reporting needs, findings and recommendations are archived in a relational database to track the history of repairs on a structure and to determine whether more or less oversight is warranted in the future.

The importance of ongoing structural inspection and monitoring cannot be overstated. Failure to regularly inspect industrial structures has resulted in production loss, accidents, and needless loss of life. Globex stands ready to help our partners in industry mitigate this risk.

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