Project Portfolio

Structural Modification of Mill Duty Building

Project Description:
It was the intent of the customer to widen a portion of a building that processes slabs with high volumes of heavy equipment traffic such as slab haulers, mobile cranes, etc. In order to achieve the adequacy of the new span, it was necessary to remove a runway column and to install a more substantial girder to bridge the new length associated with the double span. Further, a back-up truss was designed to support the lateral loads from the new girder and the vertical loads from roof structure.

Project Phases:
  • On-site structural inspection of the affected area
  • Full structural analysis of the building, applying all necessary dynamic loads including the crane and roof live loads in accordance to the AIST Technical Report No 13
  • On-site data collection for design efforts
  • Develop detail demolition procedures including temporary false work stabilization
  • Detail design for fabrication of structural steel members, including the girder, back-up truss, columns and appropriate connections
  • Develop detail installation procedures
  • Develop full set of as-built drawings
  • On-site project management